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Why you should replace your plastic loofah with this shower pouf

Are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic loofahs? Well, our Cotton Shower Pouf is the right solution for you. Made with soft organic cotton fabric, our Shower Pouf provides a natural lather and exfoliation in your shower. This will help keep clean, not only your body, but also the planet! 

Here are a few reasons why our Cotton Shower Pouf has been such a popular alternative for zero waste body care.

Natural Cotton Shower Pouf for Eco-Friendly Showers

Made with natural materials
Our bestselling Shower Poof is made with undyed organic cotton for a natural lather. Unlike plastic poofs, which are made with synthetic materials such as nylon derived from crude oil. Unfortunately plastic poofs shed microplastics in the shower, which flow into our water streams and impacting our marine environment and wildlife. 

Gentle on the skin
Other alternatives for body scrubs, such as plastic poofs or natural luffas (from dried gourd), may be too abrasive on the skin if used daily. The natural texture from our organic cotton material can provide a soft lather and gentle exfoliation, perfect for daily use and even for babies. 

One of our customers even mentioned using our Cotton Shower Pouf to help smooth out the bumps of her kid's keratosis pilaris skin condition (dry, tiny patches and bumps in skin)!

Zero Waste Shower Body Scrubbers

Easy to clean and dry
After a few weeks of usage, plastic loofahs can start to fester bacteria which can lead to skin infections and other irritations. Our Cotton Shower Poufs wash great with your regular laundry. Simply toss them in with your usual laundry for washing and drying, making it easier to give your pouf a quick refresh.

Switching to eco-friendly alternatives everyday essentials can help reduce plastic usage significantly. So what are you waiting for? Check out our Cotton Shower Pouf and make the switch today.

Eco-Friendly Alternative for Body Buffing and Exfoliating

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