Reasons why soap saver pouches are a game changer

Reasons why soap saver pouches are a game changer

Sometimes the best zero waste swaps in life are the simple ones. You may have switched from using liquid bodywash that come in plastic bottles to plastic-free soap bars, but have you considered how to get the most out of your favorite handmade soap bars?

Our Organic Soap Saver Pouch may look like a regular cotton bag, but it will become a total game changer to your bathroom routine. 

Soft Organic Cotton Soap Pouch by Well Beings Supply

There are so many benefits for this sustainable switch, and we know that you will love it as soon as you make the leap. So here are our top four reasons why you should give the Soap Bag a try!

Plastic-free alternative
Our Soap Saver Pouches are made with organic cotton so they can serve as a plastic-free alternative to plastic loofahs or replace the need for bottled body wash. These Soap Saver Pouches work great with shampoo bars too, replacing the need for bottled shampoo!

No more slippery soaps
One of the worst things that can happen while you are showering, is dropping your soap to the bottom of the tub. By placing your soap bars inside the cotton pouch, it provides a nice grip so your soap won't ever slip out of your hands again.

Handmade Soap Bar and Soap Pouch Starter Set

Extend the life of soap bars
Our Soap Pouches are not just made with natural materials, but it can also be used to extend the life of your soap bars. How? Our Soap Pouches allow for soap bars to hang-dry so your soaps can dry much faster, instead of drying in a bacteria-ridden dish soap of water. 

Best yet, you can collect all of your tiny soap scraps within the bag, so you're not wasting anything!

The perfect exfoliation
Our Soap Saver Pouch is specifically made with soft organic cotton so that the lathers and exfoliation are gentle enough for daily use. 

Gentle Exfoliating Soap Saver Pouch by Well Beings Supply

Wait no more, grab your Soap Saver Pouch + Soap Bar Combo now to start your eco-friendly shower routine🌎  

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