why you should switch to reusable cotton rounds

Why you should switch to reusable cotton rounds

Switching your makeup routine to a more sustainable practice is a great way to green up your home. You may have already started using zero waste beauty products, but have you considered what you use to take off your makeup or use with your toner? 

On average if you use two cotton rounds per day, then you will be consuming 730 per year. That is a huge amount of waste that can be easily avoided. 

There are so many benefits for this sustainable switch, and we know that you will love it as soon as you make the leap. Not convinced? We have compiled our top four reasons why this eco-friendly switching will be an easy one!

Zero Waste Skincare Routine Eco Swaps

Better for your wallet
Reusable cotton rounds is a one time investment. Once you have purchased our reusable cotton rounds, you will never have to buy another cotton round again! True, the first purchase is more expensive than the conventional single-use cotton balls, but you will start saving money with more and more use!

Better for the environment
Unfortunately with conventional cotton balls, once you use them they go straight into the trash. They sadly cannot be recycled either so the cotton balls go directly to the landfill. Once you have invested in reusable makeup remover rounds, you will no longer have to send any waste to the trash can. This is a giant win for the environment and for reducing your waste in the bathroom. 

Washable Cotton Rounds in Cute Pattern Naked Ladies

Cute designs
Traditional cotton rounds are plain, white, and boring. To make the zero waste switch, you can choose from our collection of cute designs that will brighten up your green skincare routine.

Easy to reuse
Reusable cotton rounds are so easy to clean and reuse. Simply place them inside the cotton wash bag that is included with your purchase and throw them in with your normal laundry. It is as easy as that! It truly is a win-win.

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Set of Reusable Cotton Rounds with Wash Bag

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