Handmade Wellness Gift Box

5 Tips for Eco-friendly Holiday on a Budget

The holiday season is right around the corner. Making the holiday season more eco-friendly and budget-conscious can seem overwhelming, so we have put together five simple steps to make the festive season better for both your wallet and the planet.


Use Muslin Face Cloth as Furoshiki Gift Wrap


Clever Gift Wrapping
Be creative and use something other than traditional gift wrapping paper. Brown craft paper, reused gift wrapping paper, fabric, tote bags or even muslin face cloths are all beautiful and sustainable ways to wrap presents.

High Quality Gifts
If you are needing to purchase a gift, make sure that it is a high quality and long lasting product. This will lead to less wastage and still provide a much needed present. A hamper box is the perfect gift as it contains a selection of different zero waste items. 

Handmade Wellness Gift Box

Holiday Food
If you are hosting a holiday celebration, cut down the costs and share the food bill among all of the attendees by organizing a potluck dinner. Let your guests know that reducing food waste is a goal and for them to bring containers for leftovers. 

Gift Experiences
Many presents are unwanted and go unused. Instead of risking the chance of your gift ending up in landfill, give the gift of an experience. This can suit all budgets and it can be as sustainable as you wish. Ideas include day trips, concerts or meals at restaurants. The options for experience based gifts are endless. 

Dried Orange Slice Garlands

Use Sustainable Decorations
Reuse decorations from previous festivals, borrow decorations from friends, or make your own decorations from recycled or natural materials. Avoid the use of single-use plastic decorations to reduce wastage. Great natural decorative items include dried citrus pieces and evergreen wreaths. Shopping for second hand decorations is another sustainable way to decorate. 

What other ways do you have on creating an eco-friendly and budget-friendly holiday? Share them in the comments below!

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